Written by Clayton Goodwin

After several months of procedures, hospital treatment, and repeated visits to medical establishments, the Consultant closed the file and discharged me back to my local GP. It was a moment of considerable relief and exhilaration …. Or, at least, it should have been. At that moment my mobile-phone rang with a message that our son was to undergo emergency surgery in Prague where he and his wife live and work as costume designers in the film industry.

From that instant I knew what I had to do.

“Am I free to travel abroad?” I asked the consultant.

“Why not? Of course, you are”.

That would have seemed to be impossible just a few weeks earlier when in the same hospital/department, after so many side-effects of things that “could not go wrong” did go wrong, I had given up all hope of travelling again. Now I realised how fortunate I had been to renew my passport when it had fallen due just a month previously.

“For memories” I told Hopelyn, and myself.

Well, I am pleased and thankful to say that our son came through the operation successfully, and he has nothing but the highest praise for the Czech surgeon and his staff who performed the operation and for the film studio for meeting the substantial medical costs and maintaining his salary during recuperation.

Eventually we got to Prague but not before we had stopped off at Regensburg to honour a promise that we would visit our elder grand-daughter Evelyn while she was studying there. After a horrific journey on the German railways, which involved a long time-consuming diversion in an overcrowded carriage, it was good to do some “family” sight-seeing in this attractive medieval city situated by the Danube from the comfortable base of the Golden Cross hotel.

Prague, itself, is a charming city that combines an idyllic cultural ambience within a modern commercial powerhouse. Our lodging at the splendidly friendly Golden Scissors hotel was adjacent to the celebrated Charles (IV) Bridge and the very attractive Vltava river. Our son and his wife made sure that we visited some of the most friendly and professional restaurants as well as arranging a tour of the massive studio in which they work.

A brief medical incident at Nuremberg gave me the opportunity to experience – and be impressed by – the German health system. The round trip which we never expected to be able to make ended with a brief visit to the Ludwig Hotel in Cologne, dinner by the side of the Rhine, and a chance to relive memories of a city, and hotel, going back more years than we should be able to remember. Then it was a return to London, and ……..

Get to work on resuming publication of CaribCommx. The stories have been waiting but my knowledge of the technical side of bringing-out an online journal has become rusty. So please bear with me over the next few weeks …

And keep the stories and interviews flowing!

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