Shaherah Jordan is a determined lady. I could see that from the moment she was first interviewed for the Miss Caribbean & Commonwealth beauty contest. Here was somebody who knew definitely what she was doing, and almost certainly, on first sight, the winner. She did win the title, of course. But the entry of another contestant with outstanding looks and similar background put her on her mettle. That was when Shaherah showed her character. Her technique, the manner of her presentation, and the way in which she spoke to the judges put the issue beyond doubt. Although she was an outstanding title-holder, there was always the conviction that Shaherah could achieve more than the catwalk and promotional appearances could offer. Caribcommx has been privileged to follow her progress in sports journalism, volleyball and bodybuilding, as well as establishing a sound family-life.

Now has come her crowning achievement – to this point in her life at least. Shaherah Jordan MBA, PhD has attained her doctorate and her graduation. As she told friends on the social media: “I contemplated not attending my graduation. I’d had my letters for a while at that stage and the elation I experienced when I was informed that my degree had been awarded had long since subsided. But I’m glad I did – if for no other reason than I can now symbolically put a full stop at the end of this sentence. I’m incredibly grateful to those who supported me on this journey”.

Yet it was Ms Jordan’s role with British Wrestling that caught the eye of our readers and initially for which she talked to Caribcommx a while ago before the events which caused publication of our journal to be paused. How? What? Why? ….. It is best to let Shaherah tell us in her own words.

“I am the Senior Independent Non-Executive Director for British Wrestling and have been on the board for over 7 years. I joined the board at a time when National Governing Bodies were being encouraged to diversify their boards – particularly with regards to women. This shift occurred around the time that I had my first born – a key point because at that time I was acutely aware that my desire to continue playing volleyball simply didn’t align with my ability to consistently get to training sessions and matches.
A transition from athlete to board member seemed like a viable move so when I received the confirmation that my application to British Wrestling was successful I was excited. The opportunity to view the sport from the perspective of governance has been eye opening and I am grateful for the experience”.

Shaherah Jordan’s attainment of her doctorate, and graduation, will have come as no surprise to those who have followed her career of enterprise and achievement, her enthusiasm and attitude, and a downright determination to prove that she is capable of matching whatever role that is within her capability. I don’t know whether Shaherah sets out to provide an inspiration to others, or to meet a restless, almost defiant, drive within her herself, but her proud journey from the catwalk to her cap-and-gown by way of the sports court and podium, the journalists “pen”, provides a fine example of what a young lady – anybody – with talent, ambition and a refusal to be beaten, or accept inferiority, can achieve. Can we dare ask what will be next?

That is why Caribcommx salutes Shaherah.

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