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Caribcommx is back – Now as a Monthly Journal.

The difficulties of the pandemic restrictions notwithstanding – it has been impossible to meet for interviews or to report events “live” as previously – Caribcommx has been produced through the hard work, commitment and the co-operation which has provided a foundation for our future development and expansion.

Particular credit is due to Shirley de Lawrence for designing and monitoring the website and her attempts to bring a technologically-illiterate editor into the modern age, and to Hopelyn Goodwin for her application and industry, often standing as the “meat in the sandwich” between Shirley and the editor.

With the accent on youth and a new beginning Caribcommx features talented teenage boxer Vivien Parsons in the headline video of the England National Amateur Boxing Championships for which we give special thanks to England Boxing for permission to use their video.  The other videos recognise beauty contestants of the recent past with Miss Caribbean & Commonwealth 2010 photographed by Butterfly Models, the film Victims Love Game produced by Helen Surtees, and an introduction to Shirley de Lawrence.

UK West Indian beauty contests are also the subject of our Special Feature over several issues. December 2021 is the 40th anniversary of the founding of Miss Caribbean & Commonwealth and the 60th anniversary of the Miss Standing Conference (of West Indians in London) which was the first such contest which our editor attended. Nicki Lodge, winner of the first Miss JOFFA (Jamaica Overseas Families and Friends Association) is the natural choice to open the innings. Mrs Ethel Kerry, the often under-recognised promoter of four major titles, is the appropriate person with whom to start our Golden Memories.

From the field of sport athlete Lorna Boothe, former Commonwealth Games hurdles champion, and former Test cricketer Roland Butcher link both the past and present. Arif Ali stands pre-eminent in the story of UK Caribbean publishing, and we thank Hansib Publications for their help and use of the photograph.

Trainer Bobby Mills assisted with obtaining the story on Vivien Parsons.  We also thank
Lorna Boothe, Roland Butcher, Arif Ali, Nicki Lodge, Ethel Kerr and Vivien Parsons for giving their time and consideration, and Kash Ali, Tammy McLachlan, Helen Surtees, Cagney Roberts and Michelle Kerr for arranging introductions, and give our apologies to anybody who has been unintendedly overlooked.

The one disappointment is that the media department of a major sports competition has not replied to our request for permission to interview a champion performer who had indicated her willingness to be interviewed for Sportsline. Consequently, in that section we have recalled the career of wrestler Clive Myers who has always been willing to co-operate promptly with the media.

Inevitability there will be errors and there will be omissions, but we trust that you will bear with us in developing Caribcommx as a welcome and effective channel of information between the performers and the public.

With our very best wishes

Now and for the future

Clayton Goodwin  

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